so you know what. what if you ask us something. by answering this with something you might want help with. let us give back. unless the stuff you want help with you dont want right their on the internet for us all to see. but. i just think that maybe this may help. maybe?
- Anonymous

I’d rather not, thank you though! I really appreciate it xox

obviously, you dont know me. and i dont know you. thats a given. but i do care about. you. so far, i can tell that you are quite the giver when it comes to people. What I mean is that you like to help. except you never get it back. that is something that i will never feel or understand because no 1 asks me for help. but you seem to be really good at it. so you really deserve what you give. i hope that things will now change and you are treated better? i guess is what you need. you deserve it..<3
- Anonymous

thank you so much ❤️ you’re so sweet!

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Ali Michael &amp; Marcel Castenmiller for Urban Outfitters, 2014
Photographed by: Bobby Whigham

    don’t treat me like shit and then act like everything is fine when you need something

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Flower blowjob @oliwiapawelczak

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