- october-11th

aw thank you so much 馃槉馃挘

Thats good to hear! :) Congrats on getting in! How old are you? I'm taking the year off right now. I'm just nervous and scared that I won't get in
- Anonymous

I’m 18! and I’m only taking a semester off and then starting January!

but that’s pretty cool that you’re taking a year off. I know sometimes people recommend that because they don’t know what they want to do yet.
that’s sorta what happened to me but I decided to get my general education and then I’ll see how things go from there :)

I miss you so much
- Anonymous

who are you? ):

can we be best friends?
- ellaannhoogerbrug

well we need to work our way up to that friendship but for now I’ll start by following you because I like your blog 馃槉鉂わ笍

Why are you annoyed? I'm okay, kinda stressing about college though
- Anonymous

I’m not sure! just little things keep bugging me but it’s no biggie :-)

and why is it stressing you out? I’m not starting college until January! im kinda scared

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  • summer I miss you 鈽锔忦煂
    Ello! How are you today?
    - Anonymous

    im actually not exactly sure what I’m feeling right now. I’m pretty content but I’m quite annoyed!

    how are youuu?

    I would like to touch your butt, also, you can touch mine if you want <3
    - Anonymous

    that sounds wonderful. I love butts!

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sleeveless lace white playsuit from romwe, only $21.99

    send me anons pls I’m so bored

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